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Raw Meat rice

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Raw Meat rice

Post by khan_9009 on Sun Aug 30, 2009 1:47 am

Meat___ 1 kg
Onio___ 250 grams
Turmeric___ 1/4 tea spoon
Cinnamon___ 4 pieces
Ginger___ 50 grams
Yoghurt___ 375 grams
lemon___ 1 no
mint, green coriander___ half bundle
salt___ as required
rice___ 1 kg
small cardamon crushed___ half tea spoon
large cardamon___ 3 nos
nutmeg crushed___ half tea spoon
garlic___ 2 bundle
green chili___ 8 nos
Cloves___ 6 nos
Small cardamon___ 3 nos
Saffaron color___ as required
Clean the meat and cook it tp brown with samall and large cardamon(crushed) in boiler.
Then add half spice after grinding in it and
add green corainder after cutting.
Add half of the lemon extract into the meat and add salt to taste. Now leave it for two hopurs.
Mean while soak the rice after cleaning and boil the water into boiler for a while.
When the water boils add salt in it and rice also.
add whole seasoning in it.
When the rice is one tender then take them out and strain by the strainer.
Then add meat into an empty boiler
and spread these rice over it.
Then spread seasoning and brown onion over it. Spraed more rice over it and add saffaron.
Place the cover on the boiler and seal its corners with flour to avoid the out flow of steam.
Draw it after heating for few minutes.
Biryani is ready.
People very much like raw meat rice and eat with pleasure and often thinks that how raw meat biryani is prepared.
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