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Rules of BazaarStop

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Rules of BazaarStop

Post by Admin on Fri Aug 28, 2009 8:50 pm

Rules to be followed while using the site:

1. Use of more than one account by one person is not at all allowed. If we figure out any one using more than one accounts, we will ban all the accounts including the IP.

2. Making fake referral accounts is not acceptable and will be deleted without any notice.

3. Posting cell/phone number in the forum is not allowed in any case. If you need to share your number with any one, you can send a personal message.

4. Advertising other sites in forum/signature or in personal messages is not allowed, that may include local community sites or money making sites using referral links.

5. Before posting anything make sure its already not posted. Duplicate topics will be deleted or moved to Delted Topics Topics section to keep the forum clear.

6. Twice or double posts are not allowed, wait for others to post a reply then post your reply.

7. Short replies which are irrelevant to the topic or contain only one/two words (nice sharing, TFS, thanks, well done, haha) just to get points, are not allowed.

8.Posting only smileys/emoticons or in CAPITAL LETTERS is not allowed.

9. Posting pornographic or sexually oriented content (in form of image, text, video, links, passwords etc) in strictly prohibited and will result in immediate ban.

10. Using abusive/foul language or insulting other members any where on the site is not allowed.

11. Please try to use low tone while talking with other members and Team members.

If you do not follow any of these rules, we will cut some of your points as a panelty. If you continue to disobey these rules we will cut all your points and downgrade your account to Phaddey Bazz and in extreme case we may also block your account or IP.


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Re: Rules of BazaarStop

Post by ♥¸¸.•мαℓιк.'•'.α∂єєм•.¸¸♥ on Mon Aug 31, 2009 1:18 pm

girl love Wow Nice Rule
Requst to All Member Plz Follow The Rule nad Make Site Better To Better,THnx
Admin (Malik_Saab)

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