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Report a user advertising other sites and get 100 points

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Report a user advertising other sites and get 100 points

Post by Admin on Fri Aug 28, 2009 8:43 pm

Guyz, simple is that, some of the users here are advertising some other local community sites (offering easyload by any means), by sending personal messages with referral links, that's not allowed here. So if any of you report us that user, we will cut his/her 50 points and give you 100 points as a reward. In extreme cases we may also Ban that user's account if we feel like.

Send me a mesages, with the username and copy paste the message he/she sent you. I will verify that message in your inbox and then take the action. And please note that DO NOT try to fool me with any kind of trick to get free points, I will catch you and will cut your points too or may Ban you from the site. Be careful and honest.


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