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Share your points with your Friends

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Share your points with your Friends

Post by Admin on Fri Aug 28, 2009 8:39 pm

In this thread you can share your activity points with your friends in BazaarStop. Its just for fun and to make your friends happy.

The rules are:

You can share 50 - 200 points with one user and he/she must be in your friends list.

With every 10 points you share, 1 points will be added for free. For example, if User A is giving 100 points to User B, 10 points will be added for free and User B will get 110 points.

You can share only once in a day.

You cannot share with your same friend twice in 15 days. For example, User A can give points to User B only once in 30 days and then after 15 days User A can give more points to the same User B.

Once you have shared your points with your friend, your friend cannot share the points back with you with in 15 days. For example, if User A has shared 100 points with User B, User B cannot share any points with User A with in 15 days.

Please post similar to this "I share my 150 points with my Khass Dost [friend's name]."

After you have shared your points, we'll cut your points and transfer them to your friend and your friend will get a meaages about that.


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