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Golden Words of Prophet (PBUH) ...............Ramadhan Mubarak...!!!!!!!!

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Golden Words of Prophet (PBUH) ...............Ramadhan Mubarak...!!!!!!!!

Post by yasir101 on Wed Sep 02, 2009 11:17 am

Golden Words of Prophet (PBUH) ...............Ramadhan Mubarak...!!!!!!!!

A. 4 things which make your face glow: -
1. Parhezgaari.
2. Loyalty.
3. Kind heartedness.
4. Helping others without being asked for.

A1. 4 things which take away the happiness of your life and the glow of
your face: -
1. Telling Lies.
2. Not to respect others, knowingly insisting on something which
is not right.
3. Argue without knowing the facts and truth.
4. Knowingly and openly doing something wrong without any fear.

B. 4 things which take away the Barkat from your Rozi : -
1. Sleeping from Fajr to after sunrise.
2. Not performing Namaz, or performing irregularly.
3. Laziness.
4. Cheating and Fraud.

C. 4 things which which increase the Barakat in your Rozi : -
1. Performing Ibadat during nights.
2. Asking for Forgiveness with dedication and remembering the sins
3. Continous Charity.
4. Remembering God all the time.

D. 4 things which make you sick and keep you amidst worries : -
1. Extensive Talking.
2. Extensive Sleeping.
3. Extensive Eating.
4. Extensive Socialising.

E. Four things which ends you : -
1. Worries.
2. Sadness.
3. Hunger.
4. Oversleeping.

F. Rasuallah s.a.w said during Azaan leave all work even reading Quran
Park and come towards it., person who talks during Azaan will not be able
to read the Kalema during his last breath.

G. For a happy and content life read the last Dua as many times and
spread this knowledge the sawaab will be yours.
Rasualllah s.a.w said spread knowledge even if one Aayat , do not
keep knowledge to yourself.

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